Commentary: Goods transport: Better link road and rail

More and more manufacturers want to put electric trucks on the road. However, freight trains should be prioritized in certain areas.

It is often said that freight transport should be on the rails, away from the roads. The diesel-dripping truck industry is reinventing itself. That’s a good thing – and enormously important for the climate. As a forecast by the consulting firm PWC shows, trucks account for ten percent of the world’s CO2 emissions responsible. For comparison: car traffic accounts for only seven percent of emissions.

Because of such values, it is long overdue for more and more manufacturers to get involved in the development of e-trucks. A number of truck manufacturers are presenting electric truck prototypes at the IAA Transportation trade fair in Hanover, which will be on the road in the coming years Street must. Range of some models: up to 800 kilometers.

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Freight transport: The train has advantages – but so do trucks

Of course, the train has advantages. When it comes to freight volume, it is vastly superior to trucks. Greenhouse gas emissions are also many times lower. But the punctuality scores in rail freight transport are as low as in long-distance passenger transport. Trucks, on the other hand, are flexible and can access areas that are inaccessible to trains. For small and medium-sized companies, transporting goods by road is much cheaper.

It would be smarter not to play off road and rail freight transport against each other, but to link them. In freight transport, the truck share is over 70 percent, the CO2 savings potential is particularly high there. Transport services over long distances should be shifted to rail wherever possible. Trucks are used to distribute goods across the country over short distances. This creates an efficient system. And at some point hopefully also a climate-neutral one.

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