Commission in favor of reforming the Law on Industrial Free Zones and Commercialization

The deputies of the Economic Commission issued a favorable opinion that contains reforms to the Law on Industrial Free Zones and Commercialization.

The changes to the regulations will make it possible to eliminate requirements and reduce deadlines, enable technological tools to improve the service, extend benefits to users of free zones, developers, administrators and users.


The modifications are aligned with the Administrative Procedures Law, which is why they promote the reduction of response times, improvements in waste disposal procedures, market sales and donations.

For the legislators, it is imperative to update the free zone regime to benefit Salvadorans with the generation of jobs and attract more investors, through streamlining tax procedures.

“This initiative comes to reduce the bureaucracy and red tape that exists. In addition, we are establishing steps that were not detailed in the Free Zone Law”explained the president of the legislative table, Rodrigo Ayala.

While the deputy Aronette Mencía highlighted the importance of legislating to favor and improve the well-being of Salvadoran households with the generation of jobs.

This is an important issue because it means investment and job creation. On many occasions, we have made it clear that we are interested in development, but respecting the rights of Salvadorans”, the parliamentarian mentioned.

The modifications to the law are also generating guarantees for workers in free zones and closing gaps.

“The proposal clarifies that if the payment of salary and benefits to the worker is not guaranteed, the court (of labor) will have to respond immediately,” said deputy Elisa Rosales.

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