Commotion in Tolosa: a man took his life in front of his son

On Thursday he woke up convulsed in La Plata, as a result of the fateful decision of a 35-year-old man to take his own life, nothing more and nothing less than in front of his own son. The 35-year-old victim would have shot herself after arguing with her partner, but everything is under investigation.

It all happened at the victim’s house, located at 15 between 525 and 526. Experts and specialists work on the scene to try to figure out how everything happened.

According to the first details of the fact, everything would have happened in front of a 15-year-old adolescent, son of the victim; and who was fixing his bike outside the home. As it was known, in addition, the couple would not be having a good time, so the investigators are analyzing every detail of the situation in order to determine the causes of the tragic decision.

After having committed the act, both the son who was present at the time and the rest of the neighbors began to help the man who had just shot himself. Were minutes of tension followed by deafening screams that paralyzed the entire neighborhood.

Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful and when the ambulance arrived, the SAME staff found that the body was lifeless and there was no way to revive it.

Based on what happened, the prosecutor in charge of the case opened a file labeled “investigation of causes of death” and the investigators have already started to work with the evidence collected by the Scientific Police to finish confirming the causes of the suicide.

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