Competition for Netflix: Public broadcasters want to spend hundreds of millions on streaming

Competition for Netflix: Public broadcasters want to spend hundreds of millions on streaming

Linear television is increasingly taking a back seat, and streaming services are becoming increasingly relevant. Apparently that’s how it looks Kai Gniffke, the new chairman of the ARD. During an appointment at the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg, he formulated his vision of a media association that “journalistic quality content with world-class technology.” This endeavor, however, will a lot of time use and beyond extremely expensive become. Financing through broadcasting contributions is unavoidable.

ARD, ZDF & Co: Several hundred million euros for streaming technology

The Chairman of the ARD clarified that in the coming years several hundred million euros are to be invested in order to develop technologies with which one wants to break “the power of the social networks and the large platform operators”. This should be possible with the creation of a media infrastructure which is to act as a marketplace for all German media.

Public law: Hundreds of millions of euros for streaming – where will the money come from?

It is clear that this project will “cost an enormous amount of money”. Kai Gniffke very aware. He emphasizes that he is not “unworldly” when it comes to financing. You have to join forces because you necessary financial resources “not easy to get on top of”.

As chairman, Kai Gniffke represents all nine state broadcasting corporations of the ARD. In addition, he wants with ZDF work together to turn his vision into reality. The goal is to become the most relevant streaming provider in Germany by the end of the decade, ahead of Netflix, Disney Plus and Co. This is to be financed, among other things, from the broadcasting fee become.

It is currently included 18.36 euros a month and come dem Deutschlandradioto the ZDF and the state broadcasting corporations ARD benefit. Through a so-called solidarity model should ensure the greatest possible fairness in financing. All citizens, companies, institutions and bodies of public interest pay in order daily as many people as possible with information, education, advice and entertainment.

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