Complaint of abuse, fire and settlement in San Carlos

Complaint of abuse, fire and settlement in San Carlos

Enraged, the residents of the area burned the house / Sebastián Casali

Moments of extreme tension have been experienced during the last hours in a neighborhood of La Plata, as a result of a serious complaint for an alleged sexual attack against a minor. The defendants were charged by the Justice, but were released. For this reason, the neighbors staged a revolt and ended up setting fire to the house of the alleged perpetrators of the act.

The events began on Saturday night, but the incident was reported yesterday morning, when the mother of a 12-year-old girl went to the La Unión police station, in the town of San Carlos, to state that her daughter had been abused by two neighbors who live in the adjoining house.

The 30-year-old woman, a frontier from the La Cumbre neighborhood, recounted the events before the police unit and assured that the minor told her that she had been groped by these two subjects, who allegedly “touched her private parts”, inside of a house on calle 135 bis y 35.

As a result of this complaint, the Justice endorsed the arrest of the accused, who were housed in the police station for a few hours and then regained their freedom. Similarly, the two men aged 46 and 48 were charged with the crime of “sexual abuse without carnal access”, in a case currently being investigated by UFI No. 2 of La Plata, and the Court of Guarantees No. 2.

The fact that the defendants have been released unleashed the fury of relatives and neighbors of the victim, who decided to burn down the house of those allegedly involved in the sexual attack.

During the first hours of yesterday, the protesters gathered at the door of the house where the abuses would have occurred. First, they began throwing rocks and blunt objects on the property. Then, they began to set fire to the place, completely destroying the belongings of those involved.

It is worth noting that, during the incidents, both defendants were not inside their home and their whereabouts are unknown. Given the moment of extreme tension experienced in the neighborhood, the members of La Unión had to intercede and put cold cloths, managing to reassure the neighbors and being able to stop the revolt, at least for a few hours.

However, the neighbors continued to throw the boards of what was once a house into the fire with the aim of preventing both individuals from returning to the place by all means.

It was during this work of removing debris that a woman came across several objects that shook her and that, in some way, reaffirmed the neighbors’ suspicions about the perversions that were interwoven inside the doors of that dwelling.

In addition to women’s underwear that was suspected of being stolen from the houses, a dildo and pornographic material were found. But without a doubt, the object that caused the most revulsion to those present was a doll with three holes that, due to their location, it is suspected that they represented a mouth, vagina and anus.

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