Completed urn graves discovered at Röthner Friedhof

The planned measures at the Röthner Friedhof will now be implemented with a delay
©Michael Mäser

In the course of planning at the Röthis cemetery, 16 completed urn graves have now been discovered.

Röthis. Around five years ago, the Röthner Friedhof was expanded with new earthen urn graves. In the past few months, further plans have been made for barrier-free access to the various levels and for a new urn wall at the Röthner Friedhof.

Rescheduling was required

The plans for the redesign of the Röthner Friedhof were already available in the spring. However, due to the fact that the planned urn wall did not have the necessary allowance for building distances and the two proposed versions of the ramps for barrier-free access to the various cemetery levels were not approved either, replanning or relocation was necessary. “The planned measures at the cemetery still required certain planning changes and are now being implemented with a delay. Interestingly, however, we discovered 16 finished urn graves in the course of planning,” explains Mayor Roman Kopf, who was of the opinion that there was only one model grave.

Ballot box wall and ramps in the coming year

In the course of the coming week, the design of the tombstone and gravel should be completed for the discovered urn graves. “The design of the new urn wall and the barrier-free development of the cemetery are planned for spring 2023,” says Mayor Kopf. The cost estimate for the ramps and the new urn wall amounts to around 370,000 euros and was already taken into account in the budget for the current year. MIMA

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