Concern rises in Russian-controlled regions



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In the regions controlled by the Russians and their separatist allies in the East, fear has changed sides in the face of the Ukrainian army’s offensive. Report in the cities of Lyman and Donetsk.

France Télévisions journalists arrive at Lyman that day, a town narrowly held by the Russians and their separatist allies, north of the Donbass. The soldiers are on their guard. It is forbidden to film combat positions here, so as not to risk revealing them to the Ukrainians. Lyman is a ghost town with empty streets, overcome by fear. Most residents have left. Terrified, an elderly lady stayed behind. “I’ve always lived here, where can I go?”she wonders.

Lyman is now on the front line. The sound of artillery fire never stops. A woman leaves her house only to collect food aid. The Russians captured the city at the end of May. A man supports them. To shotsadds a new fear for him: the return of the Ukrainians. After the Ukrainian offensive, the front stabilized, but even at Donetskthe stronghold of the separatists prorussiansfear set in. A neighborhood has just been bombarded by the Ukrainians.

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