Condoms: only 17% of young people use them “always”

Only 17% of adolescents and young people surveyed stated that they used a condom in all their sexual relations. The data comes from a study carried out by AHF Argentina (Aids Healthcare Foundation), which plans to launch tomorrow the campaign “Let’s forge the spring”, an initiative to encourage its use.

The survey was carried out between 2020 and 2021 on 6,814 people, of which 1,319 were adolescents between 15 and 19 years old and 5,495 young people between 20 and 29 years old.

“Of the total, only 17% always use a condom in all their sexual relations. The rest sometimes or never”, they reported from AHF Argentina in a statement.

The study revealed that in 2020 only 3% of adolescents always used it, and 10% in young people; while in 2021 use was observed in 5% of adolescents and 13% in young people.

“This variation may be due to the fact that the Covid-pandemic made it difficult to access condoms due to mandatory isolation, since they could not be withdrawn free of charge in hospitals and health centers (intended exclusively for the virus), and social organizations could not either they worked in the territory,” explains Natalia Haag, director of HIV testing and prevention at AHF Argentina.

Among the factors that would help increase the use of condoms, young people mostly mention “having them on hand when needed” and “being cheaper”; Among those who never use condoms, 32% mention that “if their partner suggests it” or “don’t think wrong when suggesting it” would be situations that would facilitate their use.

“Condom use is essential to achieve a comprehensive, effective and sustainable approach to the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections; The development of new prevention technologies, such as vaccines against HIV and microbicides, continue to make favorable progress, but condoms will remain the main means of prevention over time”, they highlight from the organization.


In this context, AHF Argentina will launch tomorrow “Forremos la spring” to raise awareness about the prevention of HIV and STIs in different parts of the country, which will consist of the development of more than 30 activities open to the community in which they will deliver condoms of their own brand. Love for free, they will provide information on sex education and free, confidential and rapid HIV testing.

Although the development of new prevention technologies, such as HIV vaccines and microbicides, continue to make good progress, condoms will remain the main means of prevention over time.

Natalia Haag
Director of Testing and Prevention of AHF Argentina

“Spring Day is a time of celebration and union among young people, that is why we want to be close to them by providing them with information on the different ways to prevent HIV and also so that those who wish to know their serological status can do so at various points of the country,” says Haag.

Although it is public knowledge that condom use is the main tool to prevent HIV transmission, an average of 4,500 new infections occur in the country each year, according to the latest data from the National Ministry of Health; In addition, it is estimated that there are 140,000 people with HIV, of which 17% do not know their diagnosis.

“The decrease in testing that has been observed in recent years is worrying because it leads to an increase in the transmission of the virus and a significant setback in the progress made so far. It often happens that people who want to take the test are discouraged by the lack of access and the limited supply of public spaces. That is why the work of the different organizations that seek to innovate in access to diagnosis is important”, concludes the director of Prevention and Testing of the foundation.

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