Cóndor Rojas against Quinteros: “It’s no wonder”

Roberto Rojas has been known for always giving his opinion on current affairs in Chilean football and mainly on Colo Colo, a club where he had brilliant performances in the 80s. In an interview with Radio ADN, the Cóndor was asked about the performance of Gustavo Quinteros as DT and had surprising statements.

“He came at a difficult moment and he solved it in the last game (against the University of Concepción). The job of recovering the campus he did not do. The players understood the responsibility of playing in Colo Colo, but Quinteros is not a coach who can give you the chance to fight in the Copa Libertadores, at another level “, began the former goalkeeper Albo.

To then add that “They put a knowledgeable person on what Colo Colo means, who is Daniel Morón and it was he who put order in the house, between directors and the team’s staff”.

Rojas insisted and returned to give credit to the footballers. “Those who changed were the players, the coach is the same. Historic players left who did not perform as the colocolinos expected and this year new blood and a younger and more competitive squad arrived ”, he assured.

Roberto Rojas surprised with his statements.

At the end, he gave his analysis on Quinteros: “The coach is not a wonder of the world, he is a normal coach, otherwise he would be somewhere else. he is a common coach, like others who have already passed through the club “, Hill.

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