"Condor" Rojas does consider Colo Colo vs U to be Superclassic.

During the week the debate was installed if the match between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile was or was not a Superclassic. This, due to different factors, Mainly because of the great difference that exists in the history of games won in favor of the Cacique and for the eight years that the Blues have not been able to win.

For the same reason, for many the most important duel in Chilean football became one more game and not a Superclásico. However, for the former Colo Colo goalkeeper, Roberto “Condor” Rojas the game itself is a Superclásico because of what it means for the fans.

Superclassic we could call it if the two are fighting a title on the last date of the championship and of that match it would be something unforgettable, because whoever wins could be champion and there it would be Superclásico, “Rojas began telling Redgol.

“It’s that what I had to participate in my time, where teams were always among the top three or four in the standings, that was the classic. Then came a time that people began to call it Superclásico, which involved more fans, people who are attracted to a game of that level “, added the one who is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Chilean football.

The “Cóndor” Rojas recalled what were his confrontations against the U where almost always, he came out the winner.

“There were two classics. One that we won 4-1 with goals from Caszely and another 1-0. The latter was that after the game we had to go to play a friendly and we left the stadium by bus to Pucón. They were the two classics that scored the most on the court. Nothing but the result and the satisfaction of winning a classic, because they are always contested with the teams that are practically playing a championship, so they are the ones that marked me the most and left us in a better position than the adversary, “he explained.

The Condor was clear with the game. (Photo: Agency One)

“I lost a classic with the U, I think 1-0, but of course I must have lost one. They were games of a good level, attractive where they were not only the 90 minutes, they lived all week. Two institutions with so many achievements in Chilean football, that mainly marks a classic. The expectation of what happens on the court suddenly passes for a result, but that is very important playing well or badly “, the former goalkeeper finished.

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