Confession to “Celebrity Big Brother” – Tanja reveals her drug secret

Now the final secrets are coming to light…

After the surprising departure of perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance (33), he also returned on day seven “Celebrity Big Brother” no rest. While some were chatting away, tears were flowing elsewhere.

The first surprise right at the beginning of the live show on Thursday evening: host Jochen Schropp (44) moderated solo. Marlene Lufen (53), who usually guides him through the show, was missing. She had previously reported on Instagram. Schropp’s co-moderator: “I won’t be on the show today because I’m unwell.” But she wants to be on board again in the next issue.

Many TV viewers probably didn’t expect that either: reality stars Tanya Tischewitsch (33) told the container jails in the attic about her crazy drug trip. The candidate candidly: “The last time I did something, I was 16 and smoked weed. Wasn’t mine at all.”

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Tanja can still remember it well today. “I was giggling the whole time for no reason. And I had the munchies, ate cornflakes, chocolate and everything.” But that wasn’t all. She even got crazy hallucinations at the time.

“I lay in my bed and saw flying Buddhas.” Home shopping presenter Diana Schell (52) wanted to know what her roommate was smoking there. Tanja: β€œIt should be marijuana. It was really a lot.”

While people were happily chatting about old times in the attic, the atmosphere in the garage was racing towards zero. Sido-Ex Doreen Steinert (36) was at the end of her nerves. The former “Popstars” winner isolated herself from the others, crying snot and water in the consulting room. Doreen desperate: “I just can’t handle these energies.”

Everything was fine then.  Doreen pours her heart out to Tanja

Everything was fine then. Doreen pours her heart out to Tanja

Photo: Sat1

The adventure “Celebrity Big Brother” is already affecting her. “I can not do this. That’s so much.” The fact that they voted their colleagues as the candidate with the most annoying stories in a small poll added fuel to the fire. Deeply affected, Doreen withdrew to the smoking area, but was then comforted by actress Katy Karrenbauer (59) and former “Love Island” winner Jennifer Iglesias (24).

Meanwhile, the big brother had sent a new candidate to TV prison. As a replacement for Jeremy Fragrance and insurance detective Patrick Hufen (52), who threw in the towel shortly after moving in, “Goodbye Germany” fame knocked on Catrin Heyne. She was allowed directly into the luxury loft. The newcomer has set out to bring a breath of fresh air.

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