Confidential | The movements of Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri to consolidate their candidacies in 2023

They do not do exactly the same thing, their relative positions within each of their spaces are different, but in many aspects their moves are assimilable, and they clearly have the same goal, to reach June 2023, proclaimed by their own and without internal competition. The “mother of all battles” between Cristina Kirchner Y Mauricio Macriis an increasingly viable scenario and would generate a historical hinge in local politics, a before and after, whoever wins.

Macri is already on tour around the country. He himself, and also those around him, deny that there has been a decision regarding a candidacy, and it is partially true. Macri would like to be a candidate, that an “operative clamor” take him to the presidential fight, without confrontation.

In fact, there are those in his vicinity who support the Kirchnerist idea of ​​suspending the primaries, even when in public Macri maintains that he defends them. “Without primaries, the only way to order this is Mauricio Presidente. (Patricia) Bullrich it will not go down to favor (Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta. Neither vice versa, much less, none of them will be postponed by (Facundo) Manes. And an inmate without control of justice, as the alliance did in ’99 (Fernando De la Rúa beat Graciela Fernández Meijide) is impossible, because the PJ is going to “fix” it all, “says a very Macrista source.

It’s true. The advantage of the PASO is that they are mandatory and separate voting simultaneously. If the PJ voter does not vote in his internal vote to influence his rival’s, he subtracts votes from his candidate and risks reaching the general elections with very little weight in the polls, almost defeated. And the obligation makes the apparatuses to be diluted, when everyone votes, controlling a few thousand voters is not very relevant.

“Now Mauricio presents the book (as Cristina did in 2019), travels the country, repositions its image that is already growing, and then we’ll see. Two years ago it was unthinkable that this man would be like now, we have six months to generate the clamor for his return,” says a Macrista strategist.

Cristina also seeks clamor. She doesn’t know if she wants to be president, but in the end, she would rather reject the invitation than not be asked to run for it. The traffic trial and her attack have given her an unexpected centrality, they have victimized her. At least for theirs and from that place, she is the best candidate in her ailing political space.


From Christianity they seek to promote the candidacy of Cristina Kirchner in 2023 as the only option

The movements of Cristina and Mauricio to consolidate their candidacies

Last week, the environment minister, John Cabandiethe man of The Campora in the City, proclaimed that only “with Cristina there are 2023”. It could be true or not, but the operation is underway.

“It will have to be strong, intense, with a lot of presence in the streets. A big march like the one on the holiday of the attack is not ruled out, but to her house, to ask her to be a candidate. Can you imagine half a bunch of people on the street at the door of Uruguay and Juncal begging her to grab? I already see her waving from the balcony and promising that she will consider it, “says the black-palate Kirchner who is excited about the image, although he clarifies, it is something that could occur in March of next year.

In the PRO, the macrista move is seen coming and especially in Larreta’s hosts, it is not well seen, nor do they know how to react to the initiative. “What does Horacio do if Macri launches? Does it compete with you? There is no re-election in the City, it is the jump to the presidency or what? be a senator? That is not for Horacio”, they explain nearby.

It is logical, everyone wants to beat the ruling party, but they do not want to be left behind by their own. “The leaders who do not leave when they have to leave complicate the evolution of political organizations. Look, the great example is the UCR. The guys from the Coordinator who were stuck in the last year of (Raúl) Alfonsín, were 40 years old when They lost any chance that no one will vote for them anymore. Logically, no one wants to die alive at 40, so they controlled the party and took it to intensive care for two decades. Biologically in them it is understood, but Macri should knowing that his place is not the candidacy but the role that Obama now plays in the United States: a great referent and partisan guide”, speculates an analyst from Together, who plays with everyone.

In Kirchnerism and in the PJ as well, there is less disagreement with Cristina’s eventual candidacy. For the first time in a long time, except for Juan Schiaretti, there is not a single governor who believes that he can win and wants to run for president.


Macri will have to compete with the presidential aspirations of Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Elections 2023: the role of Sergio Massa

On your side, Serge Massa He tells his intimates that, for now, his idea is to order this and wait for 2027. Others whisper that he would also be waiting for a clamor, but most disdain that possibility. A Kirchnerist very close to the vice president had a preinfarction of laughter when asked: “Could there be a massive request to Sergio for him to be the candidate?” This chronicler consulted naively. The operator burst out: “You’re kidding me, aren’t you?” he stammered and kept laughing. I left without saying goodbye, closing the door behind me. In the hallway, I kept hearing the laughter.

In short, the strategies seem very similar, although in the case of Macri, there is a certain dependence on the suspension of the PASO, so that the need for his candidacy is gigantic. There is not much more to look forward to than some return, in the country of the eternal return, the Argentine loop, the endless day of the groundhog.

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