Confidential | The return of the Pichichi and an ace up his sleeve: Daniel Scioli will be a "six of clubs"?

The former governor of the Province of Buenos Aires for eight years and former presidential candidate of Peronism in 2015, Daniel Scioliarrived at cabinet of Alberto Fernandez with the idea of ​​positioning yourself to be in a position to to competeagain, for the Rivadavia armchair in 2023.

It is a bet that seems desperate. It is true, Scioli lost to Mauricio Macri in a very close second round, by only one percentage point. Without much help from Kirchnerismat that time with total state control, and with the burden of a Buenos Aires administration that was at least doubtful in terms of achievements and efficiency.

But, his disappearance from the public scene preserved it, and now, faced with the complicated future of Alberto Fernández, it appears as a option to consider. Not for Kirchnerism, but yes for the Albertism if the president himself continues with these dramatic numbers in the polls.

“For us, it was Alberto or Alberto, imagine that there was no one to put in if the president did not measure up. Daniel (Scioli) It’s not paradise, but is a variant. Now we have to let it go a bit and then measure it to see how people see it, but a door opens for us”, they say very close to the presidential office.

The return of the “Pichichi” and an ace up his sleeve: Will Daniel Scioli be a “six of clubs”?

The source is not mistaken, the group that supports the President is so tiny, of such low political volume, that finding in it another presidential it was an impossible mission. The “Pichichi” open some expectation additional.

In any case, his return to the political scene is far from generating an articulation or mend wounds with Kirchnerism. No one in that sector wants or respects Scioli. “Are you going to put up a fight with this package? Are you serious? These guys in their microworld think people are idiots, Scioli already goneyou have to look for things new. Cristina never banked it, and now they are going to fix it with us because they brought this poor guy, delirious”, concludes a source camperabsolute soldier of the vice president.

The leader of Villa La Ñata was never one of the preferences of what was once the Kirchnerist youth group, nor of Nestor Kirchner in life, far from it Christina. That sector of officialism still looking for a candidate to face Fernandez in a presidential primary, and surely it is the same for him to battle against the current head of the Executive or against Scioli.

On the side of the opposition, the appearance of the new applicant does not make much noise either. “He is going to be immersed in the paperwork of the government. If they are really thinking about it for the presidentialThey rushed and they were wrong. They played the card very quickly, and gave him a ministry. Now the guy is going to have to defend a government who makes a shit…per day, he is going to have to manage an area that he does not know or understand, he is going to make a series of blunders,” says a campaign analyst for Together.

Daniel Scioli, came to the cabinet with the idea of ​​positioning himself to be able to compete in the elections

And he forgot something: if he is the albertism candidateyou will have to deal with internal with the sector that responds to the vice presidentwhich undoubtedly has a rare damage power.

the environment of Scioli nor is he the one he was when he was a presidential candidate. There are really very few people left, of the one who built the brand of “the orange wave” is not there, his main campaign advisor, Gustavo Marangoniis already a man of private activity, he has done very well outside of politics and it seems unlikely that he will get dirty again in another defeat, when any official candidate everything is very uphill.

“The top scorer is seen by him Red circle exactly how they saw Alberto before he became president: a hope of moderate Peronism to govern Argentina in order to jump the crack. The problem is that the Red Circle is not the people, society is more in the crack than ever, it is changing the crack, but it does not stop being so. The new crack is built between the class politics and the outsiders, that rain out of nowhere but have no record of screwing up the State or taking everyone’s money. And in that new division, Scioli He is on the side of the old men who were everywhere, from Menemism to today. Thirty years as part of ‘the caste’ today it is terminal”, analyzes one of those consultants that it is convenient to consider.

Elections 2023: Scioli’s environment is not what it was when he was a presidential candidate

Definitely, the Albertism played a card. At the time, after election crisis last year, had appeared John Manzurthe chief of staff, as the “great white hope”, but his star went out faster than flying, initially of its own volition, to avoid being stuck in the official internal battle.

Now him ace on the sleeve is Scioli. “If the card you have hidden is a six of clubs, you have to know how to lie very well to win the hand,” says an expert poker and political player.

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