Confirmed: Royal baby on the way – joy in Monaco!

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert, with twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella and Louis Ducruet

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5 things you didn’t know about Princess Charlene

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Monaco has perhaps the most glamorous royal house, or princely house of them all. It is one of the most affluent in Europe, attracting the interest of die-hard royal fans and ordinary people alike.

With Charlene and Albert in the lead, there are many who follow the principality’s every step. And imagine the joy – now there will be more of them!

Charlene’s decision for the twins Jacques and Gabriella – after the difficult times

Was known as scandal queen

Yes, the focus is still on Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco. Interest in the princely couple never seems to die down, and they are constantly the subject of speculation. The same applied to Albert’s mother Grace Kelly, who can almost be described as an icon in the country.

Before she tragically died in 1982, she had two daughters, Caroline and Stéphanie, in addition to Albert. Albert’s sisters are seen from time to time at the prince’s side, especially when Charlene has to withdraw for various reasons.

Princess Charlene, Princess Stéphanie, Prince Jacques Princess Gabriella and Prince Albert on Monaco's National Day

When Monaco traditionally celebrated its national day last week, Stéphanie joined the princely family.

Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shu

During her young years, his youngest sister Stéphanie was known as something of a scandal queen! In the 1980s, her exploits filled the headlines, and they were about messy romances, marriages and tattoos. A stark contrast to her elegant and sober mother Grace Kelly – Stéphanie was a royal rebel.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco in 1996

The charming Stéphanie 1996.


Lately, for obvious reasons, Stéphanie has toned down her management considerably, and takes her role as aunt to the twins Jacques and Gabriella very seriously. Like Caroline, she is a constant and important pillar of support for her brother, especially when Charlene is having a hard time.

The new pictures reveal Charlene – that’s how she really feels

Grandmother’s luck for Albert’s sister

And now she has received some good news. She’s going to be a grandma! It is Stéphanie’s son Louis Ducruet who is expecting his first child together with school crush Marie! The baby will belong to the extended royal family in Monaco, but will not receive a title.

The couple have a small dog who is eagerly waiting to welcome the baby into the world, and when they announced the new addition, they did it with a very cute gesture:

The dog had a bandana with the text “Big Brother to Come”.

Louis and Marie met at a nightclub in Cannes and immediately fell head over heels in love. They married in 2019 and the day after their wedding had a beautiful ceremony in the same stately cathedral where his grandmother Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III were married in 1956.

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