Conflict in AUBASA: the dialogue returns and they resumed the collection of highway tolls

A week after the start of the conflict in AUBASA, the workers decided to temporarily lift the force measure and the company resumed this morning the collection of tolls on the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway and the routes that lead to the Atlantic Coast.

Very late last night there was a communication from the Province to the Single Union of Toll Workers (SUTPA) that allowed “a channel of dialogue to be opened” between the parties.

As it turned out, the offer was the mediation of a person who was well taken by the union, for which it was decided to declare an intermediate quarter in the indefinite strike implemented since last Wednesday “as a measure of goodwill.”

The sources consulted indicated that the conflict “is not resolved”, but highlighted the fact that it has been possible to “open a channel for dialogue”.

It is worth remembering that the SUTPA demands the displacement of the president of AUBASA, Ricardo Lissalde, whom they hold responsible for having implemented a policy of workplace harassment and harassment against workers during his administration.

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