Conmebol will eliminate the "away goal" and change a key rule of their tournaments

Conmebol announced the elimination of the “away goal” for all its tournaments from the 2022 cups, what does that mean the many converted into that condition will no longer count double and they will all have the same value. As indicated, it was decided to modify the regulations and leave behind the criterion that considered goals scored while playing away from home as a factor to tie the breaker of their competitions.

“Conmebol eliminates the ‘away goal’. From now on, all the goals of the Conmebol tournaments will have the same value, the many converted as a visitor will no longer be considered as a tie-breaking factor. With this, it is aimed at greater sports justice ”, reported through their social networks in a message also issued by the president Alejandro Domínguez.

This measure will have a full impact on the Copa Libertadores and the South American, two of the most prestigious tournaments that are under the orbit of this institution. To carry out the end of this new rule, the current article 29 of the statute of the entity that manages South American football was modified, which configures the way in which the keys proceed if the two results are tied in the global value.

It is worth noting that the highest body of South American football had changed the form of dispute of the finals both the Copa Libertadores and the South American as of 2019. The 2018 version, which had a defining duel between River Plate and Boca Juniors, was the last to be carried out with round-trip matches.

In this way, the defining clashes of the Libertadores, for example, took place in a single venue: Flamengo-River in 2019 was played in Lima (Peru), Palmeiras-Santos in 2020 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and on Saturday they will face each other. Palmeiras-Flamengo in Montevideo to settle the current title.

“Conmebol decided this year to play the finals of the Sudamericana and Libertadores in the same city. In order to prioritize and make South American women’s football visible, we resolved that the final of the Libertadores Femenina also be played in this city. It is not only a historical repair with women’s football, but also a coherent action with our objective of consolidating South America as a world power in this modality, just as we are in the men’s branch ”, they commented from the entity to detail that this upcoming duel between Palmeiras and Flamengo will be broadcast in “around 200 countries”.

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