Consents to custody: – He understands what he has done

The 37-year-old was in a new interrogation with the police on Thursday. This is the second interrogation since he was arrested after killing five people and injuring three more at Kongsberg on Wednesday.

His defender, Fredrik Neumann, told TV 2 on Thursday night that his client gives detailed explanations to the police.

– My client continues to cooperate with the police, and answers in detail all questions that the police have, Neumann says.

SCENE: The attack began inside Coop Extra in Kongsberg.

Full judicial observation

The police announced early Thursday afternoon that they would request a full forensic psychiatric assessment of Bråthen. Neumann states that this will now be implemented.

– He has also been in talks with health personnel today, and will be subject to a full judicial observation.

– Has he consented to custody?

– There will be consent to custody, and an office business will be carried out tomorrow, Neumann says.

Office business is the practice where the prosecution and the accused agree in advance, and there is no physical imprisonment meeting.

Bråthen will be remanded in custody on Friday.

– Understand what he has done

Neumann further confirms that Bråthen will be subject to additional restrictions during the custody period.

The 37-year-old has admitted to having committed the murders, but it is unknown how he stands up to criminal guilt. Defendant states that his client is able to understand what he has acknowledged.

– He understands what he has done. Beyond that, I have no comment, says Neumann.

It is previously known that Bråthen has been in contact with psychiatric health care several times.

Police believe he carried out the attack alone. It is unclear whether he had a clear motive and purpose for the actions.

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