Constitutionalization of the right to abortion: the marathon can begin

Forty-eight years after the Veil law, the hemicycle experienced this Friday, November 24 a moment of enthusiasm and almost unanimity. Beyond partisan divisions, without always sharing the same vision of society, 337 MPs voted to sanctuary the right to abortion and engrave it in the Constitution. From the left to Renaissance, from the Insoumis to Horizons via the centrists, these elected officials converged to adopt the bill presented by Mathilde Panot during the parliamentary niche of the LFI group.

Far from pulling the blanket to her, the Insoumise rejoiced that ” France speaks to the world » and dedicated ” this victory to American, Polish, Hungarian women”, in these countries where the right to abortion is declining or even disappearing.

It is without regret that Aurore Bergé, who was the first to write a proposal in favor of the constitutionalization of abortion for Renaissance, withdrew her text which was to be examined from next Monday. ” It is not about political gain on such an issue, but rather about our convictions,” underlined the president of the macronist group, who came in haste to participate in this solemn vote (when she has just given birth to a child). It is that throughout the morning, the counter-offensive of the Republican deputies and the National Rally was ferocious. But they ended up being cornered by the transpartisan work, led by the centrist Erwan Balanant during the lunch break. From pl

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