Construction sites of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe: How’s it going, when will it be finished?

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André Görke reports from SPANDAU on the following topics, among others:

  • Wasserbetriebe I: When does it continue at the BVG stop on Klosterstraße?
  • Wasserbetriebe II: New schedule for the construction work on the Scharfe Lanke
  • Wasserbetriebe III: The permanent construction site on Spandau’s busiest road
  • A portrait of Fort Hahneberg: family tips for autumn, the anniversary year 2023, fitness program and favorite places
  • Lots of local news: parking fees, bulky waste days, parklets and playgrounds in Staaken
  • Gatower Bauernweg: the new route, the new sign
  • Lots of culture: 20 years of theater workshop Kladow, pop choir Spandau, citadel news, classical music in Spandau
  • Dates without end: many harvest festivals from Gatow to Hakenfelde
  • Neighborhood sports: gymnastics, wheelchair sports – and finals in American football

For example, Johanna Treblin writes about the following from MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF:

  • Wrong parkers: looking for the right number
  • Franz-Carl-Achard-School: playground equipment can be used again, cafeteria still not finished
  • surface unsealing
  • Reading with Liesse Ebengo: From Congo to Germany
  • Protests against Alice Weidel in neighboring Hoppegarten
  • Rally for safe school routes
  • School award ceremony
  • Funding for artists
  • “Common cause” at JuPoint in Hellersdorf
  • Muva is here – the on-call bus for the settlement areas

Bao-My Nguyen reports from TEMPELHOF-SCHÖNEBERG on the following topics, among others:

  • Germany-wide pioneer in terms of climate adaptation: The Federal Environment Minister stopped by in the district for this purpose
  • For the international car-free day: motorized traffic will stand still for one day in these four road sections
  • How much urban space goes to parked vehicles? A counting tour around Viktoria-Luise-Platz
  • More parklets in the district: district office accepts proposals for locations
  • Queer Christian People in Berlin: A Tour in Schöneberg
  • Anti-Semitic attack on rabbis in Mariendorf
  • Day of the cemeteries: What about the graves in the district?
  • Formerly fighter planes and bombs, today BER area: The brown aviation history of Berlin-Schoenefeld
  • Cooking, kickboxing, learning instruments: free offers from the youth club Tik
  • Six-hour performance along the S-Bahn line between Südkreuz and Priesterweg

By the way, in our newsletters from Spandau, Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Tempelhof-Schoeneberg and of course in all other district newsletters from the Tagesspiegel, you can find out about the birthdays of friends, life partners, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, business partners, etc. point out or congratulate yourself with a few nice words. Just write to our authors, whose e-mail addresses you will find in the newsletters.

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