Construction workers encouraged the Cacique from above

There is no doubt that Colo Colo’s win over Unión Española in the Chile Cup was the best of the Cacique’s encounters with his fans, whom they did not see in 525 days at the Monumental Stadium as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

But nevertheless, The almost 5,000 fans who came to the Pedrero venue were not the only ones who could witness the overwhelming victory of the Cacique against the Hispanics, since a special image began to circulate on social networks, which graphs perfectly the desire that he had to see Colo Colo with his followers again.

This because the official account of the Cacique shared that a group of construction workers gathered on the heights of a building nearby that is still in formation, with flag included, to see the popular.

Quickly they were counted little more than 50 teachers, who could see from high above the exhibition of good football Gustavo Quinteros’ team, the Albo coach who lived his first encounter with the fanatical alba at the Monumental.

The Cacique Flag at the top of construction workers. | Photo: Colo Colo.

The construction workers gathered to follow the Cacique. | Photo: Gol Triste.

From the heights of the building you could see something of the game against the Hispanics. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

Colo Colo’s next duel will be for the 2021 National Championship, receiving Sports Antofagasta at the Monumental Stadium this Saturday, August 21 from 4:30 p.m. by date 17 of the tournament.

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