Consumer center criticized "mess": Manufacturer sells chicken salami with pork

If you buy chicken salami, you cannot be sure that you are not getting a product with pork. The meat products factory from Versmold/Peckeloh, Franz Wiltmann GmbH & Co. KG from North Rhine-Westphalia, produces a “poultry salami” that contains pork bacon. The front of the product only says “Poultry Salami” in bold letters.

However, if you take the product off the shelf and read the small print on the back of the package, you will see that it also contains pork bacon. The pork bacon is also noted in the list of ingredients. An impertinence for the Hamburg consumer advice center. In a Facebook post dated May 30, 2022, the consumer advice center wrote about the meat product manufacturer’s poultry salami: “If you look at the back of the pack, you notice: This chicken salami had pork. What a mess!

The court already found in 2020: the designation “poultry salami” is misleading

Because of this case, a lawsuit was filed by the meat products factory on November 24, 2017. The lawsuit was preceded by a complaint from the district of Gütersloh, which had complained about the designation. In the judgment of the Minden Administrative Court on January 22, 2020, the company’s appeal was dismissed. “The lawsuit was dismissed because the term ‘poultry salami’ for a product with bacon is misleading,” court spokeswoman Teresa Grabitz told the Haller-Kreisblatt. The judgment argues that it is not enough if it is only on the back that one learns that there is pork bacon in the chicken salami.

Even then, it was clear to the court that the meat products factory’s packaging did not meet the European Union’s food information regulation. “Other manufacturers should follow the verdict,” it said in the verdict. For their verdict, the judges assumed that the average consumer was “averagely informed, attentive and circumspect”. The term “poultry salami” is misleading, as consumers would expect it to contain only poultry meat.

The Wiltmann company appealed the verdict. Therefore, the more than two-year-old judgment is so far still not legally binding. The Higher Administrative Court of Münster must decide on the appeal. The Wiltmann company, on the other hand, sees consumers “fully informed,” a company spokesman told “”. Should the legal basis change, the packaging will be adjusted accordingly.

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