Consumers: Lindner: No new relief package this year

An extension of the 9-euro ticket is out of the question for the FDP man. Other relief would first have to take effect.

What follows the tank discount and the 9-euro ticket? If Finance Minister Christian Lindner has his way, consumers shouldn’t have high hopes for a new relief package to mitigate rising this year energy and food prices make.

“New budget funds are no longer available this year,” said the FDP leader of the “Wirtschaftswoche”. The measures already decided relief packages have not even arrived except for the tank discount and the nine-euro ticket. “A family of four, in which both parents work, is relieved of more than 1000 euros with the EEG surcharge, child bonus and employee allowance alone. It all comes first. We should let it sink in first.”

Lindner continued: “There will be another relief package in 2023. In any case, the standard rates for basic security will be adjusted upwards – this helps those who need it most. Then there will also be relief for all hard-working taxpayers in the cold progression. I firmly believe that the finance minister must not be the beneficiary of inflation.”

Relief package: Are Lindner’s plans worrying about Zoff in the traffic light coalition?

A kind of creeping progression is called “cold progression”. tax increasewhen, for example, a salary increase is completely eaten up by inflation, but still leads to higher taxation.

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Lindner’s statements could cause trouble in the traffic light coalition, in the SPD and the Greens there are demands for timely further relief for citizens in view of rising prices. Against the background of the high inflation Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) will meet next Monday in a concerted action with representatives of employers and trade unions.

In the 2023 federal budget, Lindner wants to comply with the debt brake anchored in the Basic Law and suspended in the corona pandemic. On Friday, the cabinet will discuss the draft budget. “We can no longer afford additional debt,” he told the newspaper.

“Moderation is a requirement of the Basic Law. We have to get back to financial solidity, otherwise in a few years we would have to cut government benefits across the board or massively increase taxes. We would even endanger the AAA rating of the Federal Republic of Germany,” said the FDP politician. The classification means that the German state is considered particularly creditworthy on the capital market and receives fresh money from investors on favorable terms. (lgr)

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