Consumption: speculation around Pokémon cards and Lego boxes


Consumption: speculation around Pokémon cards and Lego boxes

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Scams spare no market. Astonishing speculation has been observed around the sale of Pokémon cards and Lego boxes.

Pieces of plastic and pieces of paper that drive the markets crazy. On the Internet, the Lego replica of the Titanic is worth 1,000 euros and some Pokémon cards more than 10,000 euros. Dorian and Valentin, aged 21 and 23, are Pokémon fans. The two friends started collecting cards when they were little. Today they have a treasure in their hands.

Prices are rising and cards are scarce. In their store, there is not much on display. The offer is limited. Scalpers are speculators who grab everything and immediately sell it on the Internet for 50% more, sometimes more. One of them, contacted by the Franceinfo teams, claims to have earned more than 15,000 euros in one year. He doesn’t even go to the store anymore, an algorithm takes care of everything for him. As for Lego, some are betting on the future. “Investing in Lego is very serious, it takes time, energy. It’s not ‘hey, this box is pretty, I’m going to buy it’. I could have bought a Tesla share, I bought a Lego box that can increase in value”, testifies Yoann Lopez, founder of Snowball.


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