Consumption: the French have changed their eating habits because of inflation


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G. de Florival, L. Campisi, A. Tribouart, F. Decominck, P.-M. from La Foata – France 3

France Televisions

In a strong inflationary context, the French had to adapt. Consumers are increasingly turning to private labels for food and are abandoning fresh products.

The products that the French neglect the most are those that are fresh, since they are often more expensive. Thus, sales of fish, meat, cheese and fruit and vegetables fell by 12.4%, 10.6%, 9% and 8.8% respectively. Consumers now turn much more towards first-price distributor brands. Their sales increased by 15.8% in one year. Conversely, major national brands fell 3.5%. If the food budget has not fallen, the French are now turning to basic necessities.

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