Conte angry: "Everyone only thinks of themselves"

Conte angry: “Everyone only thinks of themselves”

It is becoming increasingly unlikely that Antonio Conte will remain on the sidelines at Tottenham Hotspur for a long time. After the game against FC Southampton (3: 3), the Italian coach made a sweeping attack on media representatives: “We’re not a team. Everyone thinks only of himself.” Conte is extremely disappointed with the behavior of his players: “I see a lot of negative situations, a lot of selfish situations and players I don’t like.”

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However, the 53-year-old does not just target the professionals on the field. Conte sharply criticizes the club’s philosophy and owner Daniel Levy: “The history of Tottenham is clear. Twenty years the owner has been here and they have never won anything, but why?” Reports of a premature separation from Conte have persisted for weeks. A return from Mauricio Pochettino or the commitment of Luis Enrique were recently brought into play by the media.

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