Contempt for national mourning: one more step towards the exit for Boris Johnson?

The feeling of impunity of the British Prime Minister’s teams seems to have no limit after the revelation of two parties organized on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral.

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Dlast pot to date for Boris Johnson: the crime of lese-majesté, or almost. Daily The Telegraph
, however on the right, revealed yesterday that Downing Street had organized two departure parties the day before Prince Philip’s funeral, on April 17, 2021. At that time, in addition to being in total containment, the country was in mourning national. According to the sources of the newspaper, these parties, well watered, would have ended late at night and some guests would have even danced. From Thursday, the British press took pleasure in playing on contrasts by publishing, in parallel, the image of Elizabeth II, sitting alone, compliance with anti-covid rules requires, in St George’s Chapel, during the funeral of her husband. At midday, Downing Street apologized to the Queen, but it is hard to believe that the British, very attached to their sovereign and already very angry with the government, are passing the sponge.

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