Content supervision for online services in the USA in danger after the verdict

Online platforms in the US could find it more difficult to combat hate speech and insults in the future. An appeals court on Wednesday lifted the injunction against a hotly contested Texas law. It prohibits online services with more than 50 million users from taking action against any user opinion.

According to experts, the decision of the appellate judges Put platforms at risk of lawsuits in Texas if they remove hate speech, for example. The industry association CCIA (Computer and Communications Industry Association) announced that it would quickly examine further legal action against it. The industry organizations NetChoice emphasized that they would definitely appeal.

In December, a district court stopped the law with an injunction at the request of CCIA and NetChoice, citing the platforms’ constitutional rights. The appellate judges initially did not publish a reason for their decision.

The law was pushed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. It was sparked by claims by conservatives that their views were being repressed by platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The companies deny this. In particular, supporters of ex-President Donald Trump and he himself make such allegations. A similar law in Florida was temporarily blocked last year.


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