Continued protests against the government in Israel

Continued protests against the government in Israel

Street protests are underway in more than 100 cities across Israel and are expected to gather hundreds of thousands of protesters. In Tel Aviv alone, it is expected that up to 200,000 people will gather in the streets and in Jerusalem, demonstrations will take place right next to the president’s residence, reports Haaretz.

– They are the largest demonstrations in the country’s history and they only continue to grow week by week, says SVT’s Middle East correspondent Samir Abu Eid, who is in Israel.

Revoke decision

Dissatisfaction is directed at the Netanyahu government’s decision to change Israel’s legal system. Among other things, the parliament must be given the opportunity to overturn judgments and decisions from the country’s highest court, which, according to the government coalition, has too much power. The change in the law would also mean increased political influence over the process of appointing the members of the court.

According to the critics, mainly secular Israelis, the government’s aim is to strengthen its power. Many call it a constitutional crisis and fear that the country’s democracy is threatened and at risk of being replaced by an ultra-religious authoritarian rule.

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