Control: alpha gameplay released in support of GTA 6 leaks

Rockstar recently suffered a cyberattack that resulted in a massive GTA VI gameplay leak. The leaked version would be a preview dating from 2019 and presenting a rather raw graphic aspect which caused some Internet users to react negatively. In support of Rockstar, the developer of Control has released gameplay of the game in early development with improved graphics.

Development is a long process

In the batch of netizens who cast stones on the state of GTA VI’s leaked gameplay, one claimed that it “almost exactly” mirrored the end result of the game since the game has been in development for years. years and that the graphics are part of the “first finished parts”.

In response, Paul Ehreth, Lead Designer of Control takes up this rhetoric before publishing gameplay of the game which demonstrates the complete opposite. Ehreth takes the opportunity to remind you that Control has received several awards for its graphic beauty and it must be said that the video is far from the stunning result that we know.

This leak of GTA VI preview gameplay and the ensuing backlash to its visuals certainly doesn’t encourage developers to show off behind-the-scenes production before a game is ready. Nevertheless, it helped to highlight the fact that the polishing of the graphics occurs at the end of development, once the gameplay has been tested in the most essential and functional visual aspect.

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