Controllers, consoles, headsets, mice: redo your gaming setup at a low price for Black Friday

Black Friday is back! It’s the perfect time to finally get a real pro gamer mouse, buy an extra PS5 controller or invest in a good gaming headset. Numerama has gone through the different offers to offer you the gaming accessories on sale for Black Friday that are really worth it

Equipping yourself when you want to indulge your passion for video games quickly becomes expensive. Between the office, the machine and the gaming equipment, it is better to take advantage of promotions to equip yourself and invest in good equipment without breaking the bank.

That’s good, it’s almost Black Friday and Numerama has gone in search of the best gaming equipment stored for the occasion. If you don’t want to miss any opportunities during this time, we’ve listed all the best Black Friday tech deals.

A Switch Pack at €269 instead of €329

This pack includes the Nintendo Switch console, the cult Mario Kart 8 as well as 3 months of subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Groups on Switch.  // Source: Numerama

The Nintendo Switch is both a home and portable console. She gets carried away easily and gladly invites herself to your convivial evenings with friends. It is a family console that children particularly appreciate thanks to the well-known exclusive licenses of the Japanese brand like Mario.

Mario Kart 8 is quite simply a must-have Switch title. This is a racing game with the different characters from the license. Several circuits and speed levels are available. You can choose the solo mode to train or multiplayer to have fun with others.

Black Friday offer: Nintendo Switch bundle
Black Friday offer: Nintendo Switch bundle

Is it a good price? Yes ! Often, in addition to the already expensive console, you have to provide at least one game. With this pack, you not only have a great game to play alone or with others, but also the 3-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. This subscription allows you to play online with other players, but also to access a library of games. You have everything for not even the price of a last generation console.

The Xbox Series S at €229 instead of €299

Xbox Series S

The latest next-gen console from Microsoft is even more accessible during this Black Friday period. Less powerful than a Series X or a PS5, the Xbox Series S nevertheless remains a very good home console. It allows you to play in full HD and has an internal memory of 512 GB. Without a drive, you must plan to buy your games in dematerialized form or take out an Xbox Game Pass subscription to access a library of video games.

Black Friday deal: Xbox Series S
Black Friday deal: Xbox Series S

Is it a good price? Usually sold around €300, it drops to €229 during Black Week. It’s really an opportunity to switch to the latest generation of consoles without breaking the bank.

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Mice on sale on Amazon for Black Friday

Gaming headsets on sale throughout the Black Friday period

Logitech G432: €34 instead of €46

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Logitech G432 on sale

The Logitech G432 is clearly the gateway to gaming headsets with decent performance. It doesn’t have the features of high-end headsets and isn’t wireless, but at this price, we’re not asking for the moon. And yet, it offers optimal comfort for long gaming sessions and 7.1 sound processing that allows you to precisely locate where the sounds in game are coming from.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Xbox headset: €299 instead of €379

It’s hard to get more versatile than this headset. Microsoft has marketed an official headset for its next-gen consoles, but the sound quality did not convince us. To fully enjoy the gaming experience offered by the latest Xboxes, nothing better than this headset. Specialized in gaming accessories, the SteelSeries brand offers quality headphones in a version dedicated to the Xbox. The finishes are perfect and the sound reproduction impeccable.

Black Friday Deal: Steelseries Xbox Headset
Black Friday Deal: Steelseries Xbox Headset

Is it a good price? Yes ! The Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro headset is usually found at €379. It is an excellent gaming product which benefits from an interesting reduction for Black Friday since it is available for less than 300 €.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 + headset for PS5 at 107 € instead of 149 €

The Gaming headset from the SteelSeries brand is particularly suitable for Sony’s latest console. It works, in fact, with the Tempest 3D AudioTech technology of the Playstation 5, which is not the case with all wireless headphones. In addition to excellent audio reproduction, the quality of its microphone is widely recognized. The wireless connection is also very stable.

Black Friday deal: Steeseries 7+ headphones
Black Friday deal: Steeseries Arctis 7+ headphones

Is it a good price? Initially sold at a price of 149 €, this promotion of just over 30 € is not negligible. In any case, it’s a timely discount if you were planning to change your gaming equipment.

Discounted gaming monitors for Black Week

The Gigabyte G27Q screen at 229 € instead of 299 €

This 27-inch LCD screen that tilts, tilts and adjusts in height is perfect for equipping yourself with a good gaming screen. With a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, the images will scroll smoothly and you will be able to take full advantage of the graphics performance of your big PC.

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The Gigabyte G27Q

Is it a good price? Excluding promotion, Gigabyte G27Q can already boast of a very good value for money. So with a discount of around thirty euros, it is even more interesting.

The LG 27GP850-B PC monitor at €299 instead of €349

It is a versatile screen designed for gaming use. This 27-inch LED monitor offers very good color rendering and fluidity of display thanks to a refresh rate of 165 Hz. What makes it an excellent gaming screen is also its compatibility with technologies allowing link the screen to the graphics card. Indeed, this LG PC screen embeds the GSync and AMD FreeSync functionalities for even more efficient graphics processing.

Black Friday deal: LG gaming monitor
Black Friday deal: LG gaming monitor

Is it a good price? A PC screen displaying these performances for less than €300 is clearly a bargain. Especially if you want to seriously invest in a gaming monitor.

Controllers on sale for Black Friday

Official Dual Sense PS5 controller for less than €50

The controller that offers the best console gaming experience is currently on sale. The DualSense embeds many technologies in a comfortable controller with well thought out ergonomics. The haptic feedback, the sound emitted by the controller and its adaptive triggers allow total immersion. The DualSense is an essential accessory to take full advantage of the gaming experience that the PS5 has to offer to its community of players.

Black Friday deal: PlayStation Dual Sense controller
Black Friday deal: PlayStation Dual Sense controller

Is it a good price? Usually sold around 70 €, it is currently found at less than 50 €. It is available in different colors, it’s time to enjoy it.

The Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma controller for Xbox at €109 instead of €149

Even if we often have more confidence in official controllers, you can, with your eyes closed, rush on this Xbox controller from the Razer brand. The brand’s reputation in the gaming world is well established. The mechanical keys offer a different feeling and the quality of the grip is very appreciable. Nothing to complain about in terms of autonomy. With the Wolverine V2, Razer offers a very good alternative to Microsoft’s high-end controller, the Elite Series 2.

Black Friday Deal: Razer Wolverine V2 Controller
Black Friday Deal: Razer Wolverine V2 Controller

Is it a good price? With this promotion, this controller becomes really interesting. For just over a hundred euros, you have access to very high-end quality. If you only know the gaming experience with classic controllers, now is the time to let yourself be tempted by the gameplay offered by a PGM controller.

The cheapest gaming mice for Black Friday

The Logitech G Pro wireless at 64 € instead of 83 €

Solid, precise and unbeatable value for money. The Logitech G Pro mouse is a benchmark in the world of gaming. Lightweight with good click accuracy, it’s able to track lightning-fast movements at speeds over 400 IPS thanks to the next-gen HERO 25K sensor. The battery has a very good autonomy. It is a mouse used and recommended by video game professionals.

Black Friday deal: Logitech G Pro gaming mouse
Black Friday deal: Logitech G Pro gaming mouse

Is it a good price? At this price, it becomes more than affordable in terms of its characteristics. If you were thinking of changing mice, now is the time to switch to a real gaming mouse.

The Razer Naga Pro at €90 instead of €124

In all, no less than 20 programmable buttons. The Razer Naga Pro is particularly well suited to MMORPG gameplay. It will necessarily require time to adapt and configure for players accustomed to a more classic gaming mouse. Its ergonomic shape will save you a few osteo sessions if you plan long hours of play, whether you’re going to a dungeon with your guild, or whether you’re embarking on a farming session.

Black Friday deal: Razer Naga Pro gaming mouse
Black Friday deal: Razer Naga Pro gaming mouse

Is it a good price? Razer is the gaming mouse brand par excellence. To afford such a complete and reactive wireless one for less than 100 € is rather a good deal.

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