Controversial: China called for “not touching foreigners” after detecting a case of monkeypox

The leading epidemiologist China published a series of recommendations to prevent the spread of monkeypox, after the first contagion was registered in the country on Friday. According to this official, “it is necessary to strengthen surveillance and prevention of monkeypox at the social level.” His advice, however, received a wave of criticism on social networks.

“Avoid direct skin-to-skin contact with foreigners,” indicates the first recommendation of Wu Zunyou, the chief of epidemiology at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Diseases. China. In total, there were five tips that he published on the Weibo social network (the equivalent of Twitter in the Asian country).

The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Likewise, he called to avoid contact with “people who have been abroad” in recent days, as well as with “strangers”. The list was shared throughout the weekend, on the social networks of Chinabut already on Sunday night and Monday the comments section of the original publication had been deactivated due to the negative repercussions it had.

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