Converse and Pokémon team up to crush you with this line of sneakers for children and adults

The casual style it offers converse is recognized anywhere in the world. Their comfortable sneakers have a design that is capable of capturing all kinds of audiences with their innovative designs. So, with the intention of maintaining this market premise, the brand associated itself with one of the most popular anime of all time: Pokemon.

Both franchises came together to create, not just one model, but a complete line of sneakers that combines the most iconic Pokémon figures with the undeniable style that always stands out in any Converse shoe..

One of the most outstanding elements of this new line of sneakers converse is that it is divided into two: those that are designed to kids and those created for Adults. Pikachu, wow either Charizard they go hand in hand with the colors in the body of a shoe It shows that it was made as a special edition.

Sneakers pokemon talk They are not the first that a brand makes anime. On several occasions we have seen how different brands have designed sports shoes with characters from Dragon Ball.

even up to the mark Jordan is about to launch some sneakers that are from the basketball player line Zion Williamson which are designed with elements from Naruto.

The Pokemon Converse

In this way, the Converse Pokémon are added to that list of products that simply have no ages. Pokémon came out in the late 1990s, so it’s built up an adult audience that’s still a fan of the Ash series, Pikachu, and anything related to Popsicle Town.

And how the series never stopped producing, now it also captivates the new generations.

According to the images you share Nintenderos the line of children’s shoes has different designs. There are the high cut and the low cut. Also, the simple fact that they have the popular velcro closure ends up being the feature that separates them.

The adult line only has the conventional bras and they are all high cut. It has more intense and defined colors along with the company of its respective Pokémon character. They say that in Japan they are already available and cost approximately USD $50.

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