Convert promoter agents into pension advisors

The construction of a pension culture is fundamental for the development of the retirement savings market, therefore, one of the fundamental actions is the professionalization of the Promoter Agents to become Pension Advisors, the objective in which medium and long term is that the advisers accompany the workers with information and financial education through a vision of service.

The National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (consar) since 2016, it has carried out the Census of Financial and Social Security Education every year at the end of 2021, where they analyze the informative and educational content of the 10 Retirement Fund Administrators (Afores) that are in the market, with the intention that said materials , support the development of skills that allow them to better understand the benefits of long-term savings, to be aware of the opportunities, to make informed decisions and to build a pension culture.

The Census is classified into three major topics: Administration and personal/family finances, Actions to ensure a good retirement and Procedures for the Retirement Savings System and the Afore Account.

It evaluates 25 subtopics that the Afores have developed in their content, among which the following stand out: Budget, tips for spending efficiently, the value of the savings habit, basic concepts of economics (example: inflation, investment, interest rate) and management of debts and/or responsible use of credit.

In addition to, subtopics that have to do with the procedures required by the worker, such as: Location of accounts, registration, request for the statement of account, transfer, correction and updating of data, electronic file, designation of beneficiaries, partial withdrawals, withdrawals totals and the composition of the account statement.

According to Consar’s evaluation, in 2021, the Afores that had the highest scores in the content analysis with a focus on the 25 subtopics stood out: Azteca, Inbursa and PensionIssste (21), followed by Coppel and Invercap with 19 points, XXI Banorte and Principal with 17 points, Profuturo with 16 points, Citibanamex with 15 points and Sura with 13 points.

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