Coppitelli, future in the balance: contract expiring, after Lecce meeting with Ludergnani

The contract of the technician is expiring, but the signature for the renewal is not guaranteed. In the next few days we will consider whether to continue together

The Torino Primavera season ended one day early. The playoffs haven’t arrived, but neither have the much more worrying playouts. The grenades thus close with a minimum placement, that of the stay in Primavera 1. A result that can grant a sigh of relief to the professionals and the fans. The negative spiral that engulfed the young bulls at the halfway point of the season risked opening up to scenarios that were anything but rosy. All is well that ends well, one could comment, but what happens next? The contract of Mr. Federico Coppitelli is running out. On June 30, a new era could open on the bench or we will continue with the same technical project. These are crucial hours for the future of the Primavera team.

End of season “with water in the throat”

In 2022, only three teams did worse than the grenade. Too few the 19 points in as many outings to aspire to something more than a placement in the middle of the table. However, the season of Torino Primavera deserves the sufficiency. At least, compared to last year’s dark, it has granted some illusions. And if the Scudetto has not been played for, there are several factors, including that of a purely psychological nature of not having had the public continuously on their side, in a championship played entirely away from home. A season finale, in Coppitelli’s words, lived “with water in the throat”, can influence up to a certain point what will be the decisions of the management. The coach has already shown that he can be an added value for this environment, not only during his first experience in the grenade, but also for how last season he managed to put a year back on its feet with the darkest forecasts. Without forgetting how the Bull, in the first part of the season, still managed to attend, for a short period of time, noble areas of the standings.

In the post-match of the match against Atalanta who, in addition to sanctioning the return to Filadelfia, put the point on the Turin season, with the coach Coppitelli it was not possible to help but talk about the future. Also because he is literally around the corner, despite the championship commitment in Salento still on the calendar.

The hesitations of the management

It is not yet known what the conformation of the squad will be in the next season. The name of who will sit on the bench remains even more uncertain. “We want to close on Sunday and then reflect all together” answered the coach questions about his stay, dictated by a contract expiring on 30 June. After Lecce we will know more. Who knows, maybe seeing how the team will behave in an unmotivated match will be a spy to judge the validity of the technical project. Also because there is little clarity on the opinion of the management on this year which has reached the end credits. “It has been a complex year between difficulties and novelties, I don’t know if they too (referring to the management) are satisfied with the work”.

Coppitelli’s answer will be misleading in order not to make his team lose concentration in view of the last round of the championship, or does it already hide a clue in itself? It certainly tells of a sort of detachment between the two decision-making poles. Perhaps a unity of purpose on a collision course. Premature to rush to conclusions. A meeting is already planned between Coppitelli and the managerial counterpart represented by Ludergnani and Cairo, with the latter having spent last season to bring him back under the Mole, after the failure of the Cottafava interregnum. We will wait for next week: patience is very healthy and necessary.

Federico Coppitelli

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