Coppitelli: “Special row, so far we have always played away from home. If I stay? We see”

The statements of the coach Federico Coppitelli after Torino-Atalanta Primavera, a match won by the grenade 2-0

A victory that had been missing for seven days has finally arrived at Toro Primavera. Back at Filadelfia, the granata beat Atalanta with a well-deserved 2-0. With the three points came the amhematic salvation, which will allow the Torelli to take the field against Sassuolo with more lightheartedness. The grenade technician Federico Coppitelli comments on his performance as follows: “I think this team deserved such a day, from all points of view. I think it’s a good day for Torino, not just for the Primavera. Today I felt a great feeling of unity from everyone, all the teams in the youth sector. We played at Fila, our home, and it was an incredible performance. It was all there. This team deserved it. Unfortunately, a string of good matches created a difficult situation. I never appeal to bad luck but I have never had matches like Juve and Cagliari, where the opponents never shoot and win. When I went to Superga I felt the affection of the people, who recognized the work of this team. Sometimes there has been a cut that has brought negative things. Also think about going to the playoffs. We didn’t have a team on August 28th. This group scored 43 points. I hope to close at 46. We were afraid of salvation but we never dropped below tenth place. For me it was a great year, a difficult year. I’m glad it closes like this, as the boys deserved. If there had been some components, we would have had a few more points, and we could have stayed in the playoff area. However, to compare not the qualities, because this team has always shown that it has, but with the first six teams it is ungenerous, both in the composition and in the experience, even in the multiculturalism of our team. This matters. You have to take the best, with a team that has done the best, especially in the last two games. We have built some good players. We are happy“.

Coppitelli: “Filadelfia is a special place”

On Philadelphia: “Philadelphia? I don’t know regarding next season. When you look at the progress of this team, you have to evaluate that they have played thirty away games. It is something to be evaluated. When you play against Genoa in Biella, there are thirty fans of them and zero of Torino. And we’ve always played like that. We honestly made this choice because the Federation’s requests were for a certain type of structure. Philadelphia have a pitch that is unique to the First Team. There may be the choice not to use it at the Primavera. This said also against my interest. Playing in Biella is different. Surely seeing some teams playing on minimal fields, we doubt that we too could find a more comfortable field in Turin for our fans. The Biella stadium was also a way to give these kids the sense of playing in a stadium. Here I have played in two Coppa Italia finals, twice the playoffs, derbies, thrilling matches. I know what this stadium can give. Today I told the boys that I wanted to play a game at the Fila because whoever passes through the Primavera del Toro must experience Fila which is a special place. Today it has dragged us. I have to thank the fans. I am happy that the boys have offered a show up to the level of the spectators“.

Coppitelli: “Future? We will talk about it after Sassuolo “

On the next season: “Future? We want to close on Sunday and then all reflect together. It was a complex year so amidst the difficulties and news, I don’t know if they too are satisfied with the work. We arrived at this final part a bit with water in our throats. This year we have worked really hard and I thank the staff for this. Sometimes the negative result seems to give a certain touch to the season. I hope to finish beyond the points, with a team that expresses good football, with good players. Sometimes we have left points and performances on the road. We could have collected a little more but I am happy with the work we have done and to be able to close a circle. I have the contract expiring but we will talk about it at the end of the season“.

On expectations and the season: “I had to ride the playoff wave but we were missing important games in the first round. Our location is under the playoff area. The Empoli that survived has six-seven players who have won the Scudetto. We have made double the points in the past few years. The club was good because it took on quality players. When we come from abroad there can be a moment like the one we had in January, where we had some distractions for some players. It took us a while to refill in the right way. For us Anton is a certainty and he has only played eight games. Today we had Savini who was here last year and I trained for a month. Difficult to deal with more structured teams. We could have done a little more. The derbies were two crazy games. It could have been five to six points more. The six teams in front, but also Sampdoria, are stronger. Today at the end of the first half in a perfect match we made a mistake that could have been costly. this is the symbol of this team. These naiveties are part of a journey. This year we rebuilt while playing. Looking at the needs of the first team, there is a need for the two fields to be preserved. This year in my opinion the company has laid the foundations for a strong Spring for the prosismo annor”.

Federico Coppitelli

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