Cora Schumacher unpacks – Ralf would marry her again if …

In the last show before the grand finale, nerves were on edge in the “Club of Good Moods” on Wednesday evening. The residents got cabin fever!

With model Theresia Fischer (30) and entertainer Julian FM Stoeckel (35), this meant that they gave in to their inner child and fought so wildly and silly that Cora Schumacher (45) had to intervene energetically: “Dude, how are you screaming around here?”

Luckily, the next challenge was already waiting to satisfy the child’s need to play. With “Schwämmchen & Köpfchen” (Sponges & Heads), the residents threw themselves into chic golden bathing suits, had to soak up water in a paddling pool with sponges attached to them and then fill it back into a container by squeezing it out.

Pee panic with Cora Schumacher

But this game turned serious – for Cora. She then sat crying on the edge and quarreled with herself: “I just screwed it up because I just thought all the time that I had to pee!”

Schumacher was already familiar with the Struller stress: “I always had that during the race too. Every time I had to pee! Then I just can’t concentrate anymore. I’ve already had a check-up. He said I’m a stress pisser.”

Cora Schumacher does not always have something to laugh about in the “Club of Good Moods”, she also told her roommates very intimate things in tears

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Actor Martin Semmelrogge (66) recognized the pee problem at lightning speed: “You put yourself under too much pressure!” But Cora went one step further and insulted herself with tears: “I’m a stupid piss cow! At the car race, they didn’t give me anything to drink two hours beforehand. There was no other way.”

Semmelrogge again offered a solution: “There are also Pampers for adults.” But Cora’s tears just didn’t want to dry up: “That’s a common thread in my life, having to pee all the time. That’s awful!”

Martin Semmelrogge patiently listened to Cora's pee problem

Martin Semmelrogge patiently listened to Cora’s pee problem

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Second marriage under THIS condition

But it wasn’t just Cora’s bladder that bothered her, but also her clumsiness. It almost led to marriage drama when she was still married to her ex, ex-Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher (46) (2001 to 2015).

Cora reported on an evening in the celebrity bar “Stanglwirt” in Kitzbühel: “Ralf gave me a ring for the wedding. A beautiful, enchanting diamond ring.” Fearful of losing the ring, it lay in the safe for a long time. But at this “Weisswurst party” at the Stanglwirt, Cora wore it – and left it lying flat on the toilet! It wasn’t until she sat back at the table that she noticed that something glittering was missing from her hand: “The color fell out of my face!” Even Ralf lost his composure: “Why are you so stupid? Why are you taking off the ring when you wash it?”

Cora and Ralf in 2007. They divorced eight years later

Cora and Ralf in 2007. Eight years later they were divorced

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As if stung by a tarantula, Cora jumped up and raced back to the washrooms: “I ran for my life, I tell you. I punched people away. Pam Pam Pam!” She even had to overcome the bodyguards of superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger (74), who also dined at the “Stanglwirt”: “Then these two gorillas stood there, and I was like: Gone! They thought I had diarrhea. And then there was the ring.”

But it still doesn’t seem completely impossible that Cora will receive a wedding ring from Ralf again! Laughing, she reported: “Maybe he’ll have mercy again, who knows. He said for the right fee, well, if someone would pay my dowry, he would marry me again, indeed!”

In October 2001, Cora and Ralf Schumacher got married in a civil registry office, and then in a church ceremony in September 2002

In October 2001, Cora and Ralf Schumacher got married in a civil registry office, and then in a church ceremony in September 2002

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“The Stoeckel” has to go

The women’s team was able to win the game “Mysterious Water Throwing”, so that in the end Julian FM Stoeckel and Martin Semmelrogge were on the nomination list.

After again tearful lectures, the candidates decided on the supposedly biggest competition: Julian. So he had to pack his bags, but he was already looking back with benevolence: “It was a strenuous, intense, fun, wild, crazy, bizarre time.”

Julian FM Stoeckel had to leave the “good mood club” shortly before the final

Julian FM Stoeckel had to leave the “good mood club” shortly before the final

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The finale will probably be even crazier. The preview showed: The former roommates appear again – and the scandal between Cora Schumacher and Jenny Elvers (50) reaches a new high.

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