Corcho denies that it is hindering the entry of scarce medicines into Colombia

Corcho denies that it is hindering the entry of scarce medicines into Colombia

Carolina Corcho presenting the health reform in the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives. Photo: Ministry of Health.

On the morning of Sunday March 19, the Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, went out to deny the complaints against her that accused her of hinder the entry of drugs that are scarce in the country to boost their production in Colombia.

Through your account Twitterthe cork minister pointed out that she does not buy medicines in Colombianor that he has had meetings with the pharmaceutical companies.

“I have not held a meeting with any international laboratory that has offered medicines that are in short supply. There is no container waiting for input. He Ministry of Health It can be a facilitator, but it is not the buyer of these medicines that corresponds to other agents of the system”, said the head of the Health portfolio.

Corcho highlighted that close to 10 technical meetings have been held to try to find a solution to the shortage of certain medicines It’s not just a phenomenon Colombiabut worldwide and that has settled in the country four years ago.

“We have developed more than 10 technical tables to resolve each case in the face of a phenomenon that is global and has been in Colombia for more than four years. Inspection, surveillance and control bodies were asked to make information inquiries to agents, since they do not report to the Ministry of Health”, pointed out the Minister of Health in another tweet, also written that same day.

Also, the Minister Carolina Corcho made a retweet in which the same director of Invima, Francisco Rossi, points out that the issue of drug shortages should not be politicized.

“Francisco Rossi, director of Invima, reaffirms before Commission VII of the House of Representatives that in order to achieve solutions that address the shortage of medicines, It is essential not to politicize this situation that has been registered since previous years at a global level”, Invima pointed out in a tweet.

Carolina Corcho tweet
Carolina Corcho tweet

Through his Twitter account, Paloma Valencia, Senator of the Democratic Centerdenounced that the Minister of Health, Carolina Corchoit would not be letting into the country the medicines that have been indicated by different corporations as “Unsupplied”.

“Minister Corcho is rejecting medicines that are in short supply in Colombia to be able to give flight to his lousy idea of ​​producing state medicines in alliance with the Cuban dictatorship,” Senator Paloma Valencia wrote in a tweet published on the morning of Thursday, March 16, 2023.

And it is that he also Director of the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima), Francisco Rossiconfirmed in a video that the head of the Health portfolio was making it difficult for medicines to enter the country to strengthen the state pharmaceutical industry in Colombia.

The minister has received a visit from medicine marketers who, with a list in hand, tell us that this is out of stock, I put it in a week in a container in Bogotá at a minimum price; It seems to us that this is the only solution that does not make sense in a country like Colombia that wants to strengthen industrialization and is counting on all the actors to solve this problem”, pointed out the director Francisco Rossi.

The director of Invima, Francisco Rossi on medicines in Colombia

Acemi, which is the Colombian Association of Comprehensive Medicine Companies, evidenced that there is a shortage of more than a thousand (1,242 exactly) active ingredients of medicines in the country. The patients who are most affected by this are those who need drugs to control blood pressure, since those, specifically, are the most absent in Colombia. Talk about products like Amlodipine, Valsartan or Enalapril, among others.

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