Cordillera Carlos Humberto Caszely Garrido Tribune: Learn about the initiative that seeks to pay tribute in life to the idol of Colo Colo

Monumental Stadium

The transfer of Caszely to Spanish football allowed the completion of the cordillera rostrum. This factor, added to its great history, on and off the pitch, motivated a group of fans to present an initiative that seeks to recognize the king of the square meter in life.

The initiative that seeks to pay tribute to Carlos Caszely |  Photo: Guillermo Salazar
The initiative that seeks to pay tribute to Carlos Caszely | Photo: Guillermo Salazar

Popular initiatives have become part of the daily activities of Colo Colo fans. This is how there is a long list of subsidiaries that develop free soccer schools in different communes of the country, a few days ago the project A Statue for Chamaco was born and for some years a project has been organized that aims to honor one of the greatest idols in the club’s history: Carlos Humberto Caszely Garrido.

The initiative is led by fans and members of the Cacique, who are usually located in the cordillera tribune of the Monumental stadium. Gonzalo Madrid and Javier Roa are part of the initiative and in conversation with Dale Albo AM they explained how this idea was born. “Mainly as a conversation between friends, we all know what Caszely means in the history of Colo Colo because of the records achieved, because of what he did both on and off the pitch at the club level, in the national team and also in social politics”Madrid explained.

“Caszely has had a long history in the club and is an institutional, national and international reference. With the sale to the Levante of Spain, the cordillera tribune was completed, so what better way than renaming the cordillera sector, we are not looking to change the name, we want it to be renamed as the Cordillera Sector Carlos Humberto Caszely Garrido. In this we want to be emphatic, we do not want to lose the essence of the stadium that describes the sectors from Arica to Magallanes “, Roa complemented.

Both fans do not exceed 30 years, they did not see Chino play, a situation that does not limit them when it comes to feeling idolatry for the historic scorer. “This has a logic. We were born listening to Colo Colo, many of our parents made us fans and our parents grandparents, this comes from generation to generation, so as we grow up we listen to the idols of our parents, we grew up having references. We are paying tribute to the players who have already left a great legacy at the club ”, Javier stated.

“There is a desire of Carlos Caszely to have a tribute in life. We are going to meet him, we are going to have a meeting, we have spoken with the son, this is well under way and we hope that it will also be well received by the fans “ they added.

Regarding the conversations they have had with the club’s leadership, they stated that, “We had a meeting with the Social Club, and we raised the proposal with them. The idea is that the partners and the fans have the possibility to decide. Of course, this has to be discussed between the partners and fans. The important thing is that it has a high degree of representativeness. This is not a competition, when we seek to honor Caszely it is the beginning to later honor all our idols.

“The thing about the statue to Chamaco set a precedent. The boys have been meeting for a long time, we have been around for five years. What more beautiful than in the match against the Catholic University Mrs. María Colo Colo has been recognized. It’s those simple things that make the club great. I think that the Edmundo Valladares administration has been concerned about the fans, the partner, the history and I think that by telling the statue to Chamaco this campaign is going to be a precedent and we want this to continue, this cannot stop “, they closed.

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