Corinne Masiero will direct her first TV movie

She confided to have hesitated before agreeing to make this telefilm, a love story between two teenage girls “against a background of struggle for the papeless”, intended for a large chain.

Corinne Masiero, alias “Capitaine Marleau” on France Télévisions, is about to go behind the camera to make her first TV movie. Another way to open it up for a star who thinks that “everyone is in politics all the time”.

That which went through all the galleys (drugs, street or prostitution) before rebuilding itself by the theater then the profession of actor, almost thirty years ago, never stops: in addition to the costume of the commander of the gendarmerie the most famous of France, she multiplies the shootings and gives feminist punk concerts within the group Les Vaginites, of which she wears a flocked T-shirt of the punchline “I will not suck you with open eyes”.

But if this champion of resilience and agit-prop ‘(see her stroke of brilliance at the Caesar, entirely naked on stage to denounce the fate of culture in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic) seems to be in the oven and in the mill, it keeps its guideline: “To accept a project, it must defend my values”.

“It must not be racist, not homophobic, not sexist, not prolophobic”, explains the most committed star of the small screen, convinced that one “does not revolutionize by asking permission!”.

Conscious that to realize, “it is not (her) profession”, she hesitated before accepting to make the telefilm that was proposed to her, a love story between two teenage girls “against a background of struggle for the papeless. ‘”, intended for a large chain.

“Freedom must be sought”

“I like everything that is trashouille and will not be on TV “, adds the one who had achieved recognition in 2013 as a homeless person in Louise Wimmer, and will soon be showing at least two new films: Rroû, adapted from the writer Maurice Genevoix, and The Marginale, a road trip on the departmental roads by car without a license …

Not to mention, in addition to militant documentaries on #MeToo or the power of the media, another fiction that is still looking for a distributor: Bar code, a film “crossed out and strong enough” on employees who kidnap their boss, a “Weinstein of the supermarkets” …

“Freedom is not a chance, you have to go look for it”, continues the one who since her very first figurations (she started in 1993 on Germinal by Claude Berri) has never hesitated to say on the sets his “own text” rather than the one that is written … “Is it your film? Well, the line I’ll say it like this and not like that “, she laughs.

“Finding self-mockery”

On the sets as in life, the Northerner can not believe that some “do not ask questions about what does not suit them”, citing makeup, a social constraint that “is not in the civil code “.

“Fuck a grain of salt, in the North we say the strand, that is to say shit, well me, I love it! This is what allows you to get out of this routine, to find the self-mockery. And when everyone is calm, we can start talking … “.

She supported the “yellow vests”, but has no intention of getting into politics: “I am super sad (that) everyone is fooled by the most beautiful speech, the one we let talk the longest , even if in his mouth it is toads … You should not be fooled by the media which are directed by people who are clean on them, but disgusting “.

“Me, I do not represent anyone, I only speak for myself,” adds the actress, nine months after her coup for intermittent workers at the Caesar, which drew her “a tsunami of thanks”. “The opposite, I’m used to it. But there, an avalanche of recognition … I went back to see the shrink!”.

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