Corona – 25 infected people in Vorarlberg nursing home

A corona cluster was discovered in a nursing home in Vorarlberg.
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In Vorarlberg, a cluster with currently 25 corona cases has arisen in a nursing home in Satteins.

Of the 35 residents, 18 tested positive, the state confirmed reports in Vorarlberg media. A resident died with or from the virus disease. Six residents are treated in the hospital, they are all in the normal ward. The responsible state councilor Katharina Wiesflecker (Greens) saw a “warning shot”: “It is not over.”

No visitors

The deceased was not vaccinated and had previous illnesses. Overall, 80 percent of the residents in the home are immunized. How the cluster came about can no longer be traced. The 3G rules and all hygiene and distance measures have been complied with according to research by the operator and the state medical directorate. In addition, no case had occurred in the home in the previous corona waves. Due to the cluster, the measures have been tightened again: It is currently not possible to visit the home. The staff who work in protective clothing are tested daily, said Wiesflecker.

In addition to the 18 residents, seven employees also tested positive. Since unvaccinated employees also had to be segregated, the personnel situation was tense. Now the mobile home helpers (MoHi) help out in the care. According to Wiesflecker, the vaccination rate in the home among employees is 80 percent. “But of course we have a great interest in ensuring that as many people as possible get vaccinated, for self-protection and the protection of the residents,” emphasized the regional councilor. Therefore, a vaccination requirement for new employees remains an issue that needs to be examined legally. At the moment, however, there is hardly any handle for existing health workers, especially since due to the general shortage of personnel, there is no need for a specialist, according to the social councilor. In the national average, just over 70 percent of health workers are immunized. The situation at Vorarlberg’s old people’s and nursing homes is otherwise very stable, and the third vaccination is well received.

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