Corona! – Hit star Tony Marshall in intensive care

Great concern for the “mood maker of the nation”!

Schlager star Tony Marshall (83, “Beautiful Maid”) is in the hospital in the intensive care unit. Corona! The singer must be artificially ventilated with an oxygen device. According to BILD information, his condition is critical!

Marshall’s manager Herbert Nold on BamS: “We don’t know where Tony got the infection. He was vaccinated twice and yet always careful. Tony always wore his mask and kept his distance. “

Tony Marshall’s health has been seriously affected for years. After a stroke and kidney failure in 2019, he was in a coma but recovered. Since then he has had to go on dialysis three times a week.

Nevertheless, Marshall did not let his zest for life take away and continued to perform for his audience. Because of a nerve problem in my legs, in the end only sitting down.

Tony Marshall is not afraid of death. In August he said to BILD: “When death comes, then it will come. I’ve sent him away a couple of times. But at some point he will probably take me with him. “

Marshall’s manager had to cancel his appearance at the German-French Carneval Association Baden-Baden this Sunday. Herbert Nold: “It is the first time after 8000 appearances that I have to cancel a performance by Tony.”

Nold and Marshall’s family are now praying that Tony Marshall will regain his strength in the clinic.

Tony Marshall wanted to be on stage on Sunday, but he's in the hospital

Tony Marshall wanted to be on stage on Sunday, but he’s in the hospitalPhoto: Thomas Niedermueller

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