Corpus Christi 2022 in Hörbranz

Corpus Christi 2022 in Hörbranz

Hörbranz Corpus Christi riflemen marched out with signs for peace

The almost 250-year-old tradition of the Hörbranz Corpus Christi Schützen could be continued after the forced Corona break and attracted numerous visitors to the Leiblachtal. As a clear sign of peace for the whole world, no volleys of rifles and cannons were fired by the Corpus Christi company this year.

In the second half of the 18th century, after a severe storm, the fields and grain in Hörbranz were devastated by hail and rain, the grass was flattened and times of need began. The local farmers then vowed to march out with a rifle company for the procession on “Üsa Herrgottstag” in order to protect the place from similar natural disasters through this glorification of God. A measuring device, on which the young recruits had to prove their suitability every year, bears the year 1779. This circumstance proves the existence of the company for this year, but does not mean that it did not exist earlier. The Hörbranz Corpus Christi shooters can look back on a tradition of more than 240 years and have been going out every year since then to accompany the Corpus Christi processions. The Hörbranzer Musikverein is also worth mentioning. It can be proven that he originated from the company and is therefore inextricably linked to the Corpus Christi riflemen. Therefore it is the oldest music club in Vorarlberg, as well as one of the oldest in Austria and all of Europe.

On Corpus Christi Day 2022, the field mass with the Corpus Christi marksmen and the music association was traditionally held at 6 a.m. on the church square with the elaborately designed flower carpet. Numerous visitors used the unique and incomparable atmosphere of the early morning hours to celebrate the first service of Corpus Christi together. The church service followed at 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the procession to Oberdorf had to be cancelled. At 2:00 p.m., everyone met again for common prayer, vespers and a square, after which the long-standing members of the Corpus Christi Schützen and the Musikverein of the last two years were honored.

60 years: Honorary Captain Erich Schupp

50 years: Patr. Kolar Erich, musician Sigg Hubert and musician Mangold Hubert.

40 years: music ensign Fessler Sieghard, corp. Grass Kurt, rifleman Deisenberger Rembert, rifleman King Peter, rifleman Trabosch Willi and musician Gadner Helmut.

25 years: Corp. Loretz Norbert, Gren. Achberger Richard, rifleman Bargehr Stefan, staff leader Kresser Dominik and musician Schmid Markus.

Age 15: Advertiser King Andreas, Gren. Markus Sinnstein, Archer Achberger Roland, Archer Blum Thomas, Archer Knünz Philipp, Archer Kresser Severin, Archer Schlachter Franz, Archer Sigg Ferdinand and Musician Moosbrugger Elisabeth.

On Corpus Christi Sunday, a field mass was held again at 6 a.m. on the church square, at 8 a.m. high mass was celebrated, at the same time the deceased members of the association were commemorated and then the procession to the lower village could be carried out. The official part ended again on the church square with the square of the Corpus Christi riflemen and the music club. As an innovation this year, no Corpus Christi tent was erected, the wrestlers of AC Hörbranz supplied the Corpus Christi visitors at Leiblachtalsaalplatz and on Friday evening the AC Hörbranz party night was celebrated in Leiblachtalsaal.

Visitors from near and far were present at the services and celebrations, some in traditional costume and dirndls. Many clubs and groups in their uniforms, community representatives and the first communicants of this year marched with us. The Hörbranz fire brigade was again in double action, on the one hand as an active association in the church and on the other hand as a helper on site, who helped to ensure the safety of the events and organized the roadblocks.

On Corpus Christi Thursday, the Hörbranzer Corpus Christi shooters were finally able to officially say goodbye to their honorary captain Lorenz King, who died on December 6th, 2020 at the age of 98. Because of the pandemic restrictions, this has not been possible so far, so Corpus Christi shooters and musicians gathered after the field mass at the grave of their honorary captain and paid their last respects. The emotional moment at the cemetery brought back memories and stories of Lorenz King. Lorenz King joined the Corpus Christi company in 1938, was an active member for 50 years and was an honorary captain of the riflemen for 30 years until his death. From 1972 to 1989 he was captain of the Corpus Christi company. During his time as captain, the muzzle-loading rifles and breech-loading cannons required for safety reasons were purchased. A highlight was the march out of the entire company, including the music association, on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Andreas Hofer in Innsbruck. For the existence and preservation of the Hörbranzer Corpus Christi riflemen, Lorenz King made countless voluntary and honorary hours of his free time available and was always a mainstay of the company. The Corpus Christi company will keep their role model captain in honorable memory.

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