Corrèze: a driverless car leaves one dead and three injured after rolling down a slope

A call for witnesses was launched by the gendarmerie to try to understand what happened.

A still unexplained accident. This Tuesday, a driverless car rolled down a slope near Lac des Bariousses de Treignac, in Corrèze. According France Blue Limousinwhich quotes gendarmes from the department, a 41-year-old woman was killed, and three other people were injured, including two children.

One of them is a two-year-old baby who was airlifted in absolute urgency to the Limoges University Hospital, local radio reports. A 38-year-old woman and a 4-year-old child were hospitalized in Tulle.

A call for witnesses launched

The victims belonged to a group of five people who were seated at the foot of a tree near the lake. Authorities have yet to find an explanation for the deadly incident.

“Either the brakes let go, or in a maneuver, another vehicle touched this one which rolled down the slope”, declared the gendarmerie to The mountain.

An investigation was opened, and many witnesses were to be heard. A call for witnesses has also been launched by the Corrèze gendarmerie to obtain information on what may have happened.

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