Corsair unveils its all-new wireless gaming headset, the HS55 Wireless Core

Corsair presents its new toy, the HS55 Wireless Core headset that propels you into your games at an affordable price.

In the market of gaming devices and accessories, Corsair is definitely one of the most reliable brands, which are often associated with quality materials and high technology. This is why, when a new product is announced, we can only be attentive, especially after our test of the very good HS65. The company today unveils a new wireless gaming headset, which promises us high-flying games.

The Corsair HS55 sports a sober and classic design, all clad in plastic, which gives it both lightness and robustness. Like almost all headphones in the same range, the ear cups are padded with memory foam for long-term comfort. At the configuration level, Corsair places the controls directly on the headphones, allowing you to make your adjustments with the simple touch of a finger.

Credits: Corsair

Rock-solid sound

When it comes to sound, the brand relies on 50mm neodymium audio drivers to provide you with quality sound. She does not say more about the technologies associated with the audio output, but is careful to mention that the headset supports Tempest 3D audio technology, which is very useful for all PS5 players. Finally, the headphones have an omnidirectional and flip-up microphone, which allows you to stay in control of your audio input with a simple gesture.

To take advantage of your accessory, two connection modes are available, one 2.4 GHz wireless and the other via Bluetooth. Both modes allow you to have a range of up to 15 meters on PC, Mac and PS5, among others. Thanks to Bluetooth, the headset can also be used on all “mobile” devices such as smartphones or tablets. Don’t expect to be able to use it by plugging it in directly with the included charging cable, it just won’t work.

In terms of autonomy, the HS55 Wireless Core headphones are in the middle, with a use of up to 20 hours, and promises an increased charging speed; only 15 minutes to recover 6 hours of usage time. To learn more about this gaming headset, we recommend that you watch for the arrival of our test on the Geek Diary.

Price and availability

The HS55 Wireless Core wireless headset is already available for sale exclusively on the Amazon site, where it is displayed at a price of €129.99. Note that it is only available in one color.

Check the price of the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core on Amazon

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