Corsica Linea: the Méditerranée once again serves the port of Algiers

With the strengthening of the sea crossing program, the various passenger transport companies are multiplying the programs to meet the demand expressed by the Algerian diaspora. This is particularly the case of the French shipping company Corsica Linea; which announced last May its new special summer program; to the ports of Algiers and Bejaïa.

Indeed, Corsica linea serves the port of Algiers from that of Marseille at the rate of one rotation per week. A program available until the end of September 2022.

However, to ensure a better service to Algeria, Corsica Linea has used its ship the Mediterranean. As a reminder, this Corsica linea machine has not provided any service between the two shores of the Mediterranean since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Méditerranée once again serves Algiers from the port of Marseille

Indeed, this ship resumed its maritime links to Algeria on June 17th. Previously, Corsica Linea put the Mediterranean as a center to welcome Ukrainian refugees for two months. And it is only from this current month of June that this monster has resumed its maritime activity.

To ensure the best services for its passengers, this ship, 165 meters long and more than 27 meters wide, has 13 decks. But not only, this largest ferry of the French company is equipped with three dining areas, including three bars. but also relaxation areas including corners for prayers. and living rooms equipped with the necessary for a better comfort.

The Mediterranean has the capacity to transport 2800 passengers and 690 vehicles. To guarantee their comfort, the ship accommodates them in approximately 486 cabins and 320 seats. The cabins with one to four beds are equipped, in turn, with sanitary facilities; and can be occupied with family or shared with other travellers.

Indeed, if Corsica Linea has fitted out its ferry according to international standards; this is because the latter is intended to ensure long services, in particular those lasting more than 22 hours.

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