“Cortés has improved compared to his first two years”

Brayan Cortés has been raising his level with the passing of time since his arrival in Colo Colo at the beginning of 2018, where he arrived to be the substitute for Agustín Orión and then take ownership for the 2019 season due to an injury to the Argentine.

Despite leaving some doubts in their first matches, the meta has known how to handle the pressure of tackling the Cacique, being one of the goalkeepers with the fewest goals against in the current 2021 National Championship.

Julio Rodriguez he values ​​the performance of the Iquiqueño in the Monumental, especially because he knew how to make the change from going from tackling a small team to a big one, where the goalkeeper’s movements change a lot at his discretion.

“All the Colo Colo players have raised the bar, including Brayan Cortés. Being in the first places of the tournament is synonymous with good performance. The Colo Colo arch is different, where you have to fulfill different functions. In Iquique he played differently, while here he has to play much more forward and intercept deep balls “, claimed Hulk in conversation with DaleAlbo.

In that sense, the former goalkeeper added that “In Iquique he played much closer to his goal, since the team was more defensive. It is difficult to adapt to the football of Colo Colo, because goalkeepers in general like more to play close to their goal. When they have to cover more ground the outlook is very complicated, because they must have good time and distance to get out of the goal, something that is not natural in teams that do not need to do that ”.

“In Colo Colo the goalkeeper must be another player on the team. They must not only know how to defend, but also attack, know how to remove balls and cut centers further from their small area. They are facets that goalkeepers have a hard time mastering because they are used to playing differently “, said the trainer of Claudio Bravo.

Brayan Cortés has known how to play in the Colo Colo goal. | Photo: UNO Agency.

In addition, Rodríguez was clear in saying that “The goalkeeper no longer only has to play with his hands, but also with his feet. If we do the analysis with Cortés en Colo Colo, he has many more interventions with his feet than with his hands. He has been growing in that aspect, because he is obliged to play differently from what he did in Iquique ”.

“It has been a pretty big change for him in the aspect of the game. He has already adapted and has more confidence to do things that he did not do in Iquique. He has improved a lot compared to what we saw of him in his first two years ”, Hulk concluded.

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