Cortés is the goalkeeper who left his goal undefeated the most matches in the tournament

The first round of the 2021 National Championship ended, with Colo Colo leading the standings and leaving very good feelings with his game, which meant a radical change of image compared to what was shown last season.

At this point in the season, several lessons can be learned where the balance is very positive. One of the highest points of the Cacique passes through his defensive line, being the team that has received the fewest goals in the tournament (13) and there the figure of Brayan Cortés has been key.

The Iquiqueño has shown a considerable increase in his performance since the arrival of Gustavo Quinteros and ended up being vital to save the albos from descent. Today, with a more auspicious campaign, it continues to show its growth by transforming andn the goalkeeper who has left his goal undefeated with the most matches with 10, beating his closest pursuers by three matches.

What’s more, He only received 8 of the 13 goals that Popular conceded in the tournament, something that once again confirms that it has become a fundamental pillar, receiving its recognition with the captain’s genet in the last duel against Deportes Antofagasta.

Brayan Cortés has received 8 goals in this tournament. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Great numbers for Brayan Cortés, who undoubtedly goes through his best moment since he arrived at Colo Colo in 2018 and who knew how to overcome criticism in a great way. Your present requests a consideration from the Chilean team.

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