Cosplayer takes Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins off the screen

seven deadly sins is a popular manga and anime series starring various characters. From the beginning we meet Isabel, a princess who joins the protagonist, Meliodas, in a great adventure.

Now we can see a cosplay of elizabeth made by @__ambi_bambi__, which is compared to the artistic work that we can see in the animated series in both the manga and the anime.

East cosplay is based on the version of elizabeth in the black suit, a variation of the pink suit she has been wearing since the first season.

The final result is certainly very good, although the hair may have a slightly different tone than the artwork.

elizabeth is the female lead of seven deadly sins and the princess of the kingdom of Liones. Despite herself, she had to flee the capital to desperately search for the Seven Deadly Sins, a legendary and feared order of ancient knights who could help her restore peace and thwart a terrible plot against the royal family.

Her search will lead her to meet Meliodas, the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, and together with him she will go in search of the other members.

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