Costa celebrates his summons to Peru being a figure in the triumph of Colo Colo

Colo Colo is still in a state of grace and defeated Deportes Antofagasta 2-0 at the Monumental Stadium, thus adding their fifth consecutive victory in the 2021 National Championship. With this result, the albos will sleep tonight as tournament leaders.

One of the best of the day was Gabriel Costa, who celebrated his nomination for the Peruvian team with a goal and an assist, confirming his great present from the hand of Gustavo Quinteros.

“Happy, happy for the victory, we entered a difficult game, they had been playing well, they have a good team. We had the mentality to continue on the same path, with that preparation to win every game. We pressed until the last minute and we wanted to win the three points “, highlighted in dialogue with TNT Sports after being chosen as a figure in the duel.

When analyzing the good time of the albos, he highlighted “The union, the desire, the preparation of the day to day, in the concentrations, the mental, the physical. We have to continue, rest, difficult games are coming “.

Gabriel Costa celebrating his goal against Deportes Antofagasta / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

Regarding his role today against the Puma team, he explained that “I do what Gustavo (Quinteros) asks of me, if I play in the center to give mobility and generate spaces and on the outside to give two against one. Today Óscar (Opazo) played who has a good pass, but they defended themselves well. There we try”.

Finally, he expressed his joy at being summoned by Ricardo Gareca to play for Peru in the Qualifiers. “Happy, proud, I have prepared myself so much to be in Colo Colo, to play well and to have a chance in the national team. I’m going to enjoy it. I have always prepared myself, now things are given to me, the personal and team level. It makes me happy”, Hill.

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