Côte-d’Or: death of a young man in the same place as his companion a week later

Two young men aged 20 and 22, as a couple, died a week apart in two fatal road accidents in Lux, Côte-d’Or.

Two men aged 20 and 22 died a week apart at the same place in Lux, Côte-d’Or, indicates the regional daily The Public Good.

The first fatal accident took place on Friday, November 11. That day, a 20-year-old young man, who was traveling in his vehicle around 5 a.m., hit the wall of the enclosure of a castle located in the small town of Lux, north of Dijon.

Two investigations have been opened

Transported unconscious to the Dijon University Hospital, the young man, originally from the Jura, succumbed to his injuries.

Last Saturday, the village of some 500 inhabitants was again the scene of another fatal road accident. The 22-year-old victim also ended up in the castle wall.

The young man is the companion of the first victim, according to the regional daily. Two investigations have been opened, learned BFMTV.com from the Dijon prosecutor’s office. The trail of suicide is favored for the second victim.

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